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  1992- 2010 Tax-Credit Certified Solar Technician
The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners



"Your work remains one of the nicest parts of the project we undertook to remodel our home in 2008. Things have been working fine, and I just want you to know we've remained grateful for the kind of work you do, and how you do it." .. more

"Andrew K of Solar Energy Solution installed my solar water heating system in 2005. He did a wonderful job and was a very fun guy to have around the house as well. His boundless energy and hard work were and inspiration to me" ... more

"I called him up to repair my 20-year old solar hot water heating system, it had fallen into desrepair when I had a new roof installed. It was not working. Andrew was quickly able to make it work once again! ... more

"The hot water has worked perfectly from the first day and is so efficient my water reached 140 degrees on a sunny day in February. During the summer there is always plenty of free steaming hot water for any household." ... more

"You took care of all the important things from describing the system operation and costs, clearly presenting what you would be doing in sequence and time, thorough job prep and cleanup, providing all the paperwork for the tax credit" ... more

"I would like to express my appreciation for a job well done, in reference to your recent installation of a Solarhart Solar Hot Water Heating System" ... more

"Andrew Koyaanisqatsi's company Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. did an excellent job installing my solar hot water system. It is a complex job with a lot of handwork and detail required from him and his workers." ... more

Even in the dead of winter on cloudy days, the water feeding our old water heater is getting pre-heated to at least 70 or 80 degrees. From June through September we just turned off the backup gas heater because we didn't need it." ... more

"Your timeliness, attention to detail & communication were superior to our last experience with a solar energy company" ... more


"Andrew's combination of knowledgeable background, technical expertise, and superior craftsmanship has led to the construction of highly satisfactory photo-voltaic and hot water solar systems for my house." ... more