Dear Solar Enthusiast,

I am an owner of a solar hot water and photovoltaic system installed by Andrew at Solar Energy Solutions. I highly recommend his work and the equipment he installed. I have a Solarhart hot water heater and have increased my 1.4 kWh photovoltaic system, installed along with my Solahart in 2003, toKK a 2.4 kWh PV system this year. The hot water heater has worked perfect from the first day and is so efficient my water reached 140 degrees on a sunny day in February. During the summer there is always plenty of free steaming hot water for any household use. Andrew did an excellent installation and I have had absolutely no problems. I wonder why houses are not built with these from the start? The PV panels spin my meter backwards on sunny days and will create more power than I use each year. Andrew´┐Żs installation team was very dependable and I enjoy knowing that my electricity is created in a clean and sustainable way. All of the tax credits and incentives are nice too. Andrew did everything we agreed to, and did it in a very professional manner. I would definitely use his solar services again on future solar projects as evidenced by our latest project of expanding my PV system. Feel free to call for further recommendations.

Chris Runyard
3942 SE Salmon St.
Portland, OR