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  1992- 2010 Tax-Credit Certified Solar Technician
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"We want to thank you once again for your prompt and complete service. We continue to be very pleased with the entire system you installed in 2012. For the past few years we’ve only turned on the gas heater once in the string for less than 48 hours each time, just to take the chill off. We’ve been able to heat the pool for the duration of the summer by just using the solar panels and covering up the pool at night." ... more

"We had consulted several solar installation companies and by far you were the most knowledgeable with the best presentation. You are well prepared with information, descriptions of what would take place, tax advantages including the forms and a variety of information that made us comfortable with using you and your company for our first step into installing solar panels." ... more

"Please accept this letter as a recommendation for you to share with prospective customers. Solar Energy Solutions installed a solar pool water heating system at my home and carefully tied it into our existing pool filtration pump and heater piping as well as the electronic control system" .. more

"When we encountered a small problem with our system, you were able to problem solve over the phone at not charge to us. We quickly and easily realized our "user error" and got the system up and running with just a phone call" ... more

"I'm very pleased at how fast you got the job done, and my wife is very pleased on the automatic system you installed so she wouldn't have to do anything to make the heating system work" ... more

"Andrew came to my home completely prepared with pictures, examples of product and a vast knowledge of information. He was very thorough, detailed and completely honest with me and he offered a far better design for the installation" ... more

"We are writing to say thank you. We purchased a solar heating system for our pool in 1995. It was the best investment we have made with regards to the pool" ... more

"I should have done this 10 years ago when you installed a solar system for my next door neighbor. I really didn't think Oregon had enough sun for the system to work. However watching my neighbors swim in 90 degree water summer after summer I became a believer" ... more

"Well you did it! You did everything you promised you would do in less time and for less money than estimated. You and your product, Sunstar, turned out to everything you promised and more" ... more

"l must say the solar heat is probably the single best investment I've made for the pool. We literally have stopped using the gas heater" ... more