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  1992- 2010 Tax-Credit Certified Solar Technician
The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners


"Your fine company recently installed, and completed, our SunPower 5.12kW photovoltaic system for electric power. Everything is inspected and the system appears to be working very well and producing power for our home residence.
We certainly wish to thank you very much, you and your entire company crew, for the outstanding workmanship, and you always answering our various questions concerning this extensive project." .. more

"Andrew's combination of knowledgeable background, technical expertise, and superior craftsmanship has led to the construction of highly satisfactory photo-voltaic and hot water solar systems for my house." ... more

"Your work remains one of the nicest parts of the project we undertook to remodel our home in 2008. Things have been working fine, and I just want you to know we've remained grateful for the kind of work you do, and how you do it." .. more

"We were very impressed with Mr. Koyaanisqatsi's attention to our needs and the peculiarities of our site when he bid the job. He climbed on the roof and produced sun charts which showed that our west-facing site and nearby trees would not significantly degrade our solar gain" ... more

"My solar system is wonderful! So far, I'm on my 5th month of not using any electricity from PGE (I've been generating excess). On my anniversary date of original installation (Aug. 21, 2006).
I once again produced beyond expectation." ... more

"The PV system is performing even better than we predicted. In the year since it was installed, I believe it has produced about 100-200 kWh more than the 3000 it was sized for. We produced a surplus for the months of July and August, even after I ran our air conditioner for several days during the heat waves ... more

"His company, Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. has recently installed a photo-voltaic system in my house. His work was excellent and the system is performing without fault." ... more

"Andrews installation team was very dependable andI enjoy knowing that my electricity is created in a clean and sustainable way." ... more

"Solar Energy Solutions, Inc. and I discussed the various photovoltaic options available to me and we settled on the Sanyo 190 watt panels because it has the highest efficiency of any panel on the market" ... more

Andrew was prompt and accurate in his cost estimates and installation. We are very pleased with the final results. Happily there are a number of very favorable financial incentives through the Oregon Energy Trust. ... more

"Andrews sunny personality made the experience pleasant rather than an oredeal. We had absolutely no problems with them and our electric bill last month was $1.36 (we sold energy to PGE) ... more