To Whom It May Concern:


Two years ago I met Andrew Koyaanisqatsi, the owner of Solar Energy Solutions, at a Sustainable Open House Tour. A short time later I called him up to repair my 20-year-old solar hot water heating system. It had fallen into disrepair after another solar company here in Portland reinstalled it when I had a new roof put on. It was not working. Andrew was quickly able to make it work once again! He also told me what a nice, big, sunny roof I had for a photovoltaic grid-tied system. Things looked promising.

Solar Energy Solutions and I discussed the various photovoltaic options available to me and we settled on the Sanyo 190 watt panels because it has the highest efficiency of any PV panel on the market today. It took awhile to get the panels I ordered due to Germany and Japans gobbling up of solar panels. (Germany is North of the 48th parallel and has a climate equal to Astoria.) However, by June of 2005, twenty-four, 190 watt Sanyo panels, with a peak capacity of 4,560 kilowatts, annually, were installed.

I was totally pleased with Andrews work. I am even more delighted about the result of the solar system. We had the lousiest, rainiest winter in a long time and despite the dreariness of those days the following reading can give you an idea of the effectiveness of this system:


Dec 2004 Average kWh/day = 43.7 Dec 2005 Average kWh/day = 27

Jan 2005 58.1 Jan 2006 34.2

Feb 2005 56.4 Feb 2006 31.6


If you are interested in seeing either of my solar systems, you are welcome to call me and I will gladly show them to you. Or, Andrew can bring you by.



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