Dear Andrew,

My solar system is wonderful! So far, I'm on my 5th month of not using any electricity from PGE (I've been generating excess). On my anniversary date of original installation (Aug. 21, 2006).
I once again produced beyond expectation. Remember my system is a 2.8 system.
Aug 07- 3570 kWh (lifetime reading) - year 1
Aug 08- 7249 kWh (lifetime reading) - year 2
I am so pleased that I took advantage of all the incentives and spent more than I thought I should to put in this system. It's the best money I've ever spent. It is providing me a cushion in these days of financial uncertainty and it allows me to lead from behind on the energy issue which I think is relatively easy to solve. If we look at practices in Germany and some other European countries, it doesn't take long to make a 20% reduction nationally in consumption of oil. They did it in about 2-3 years by promoting solar and requiring utilities to buy it back at a premium price. They did not do it by providing bailout monies to the auto manufacturers. Toyota will soon come out with its car that has solar panels. Now I'm reading about solar paint, solar windows, and solar curtains. The potential is already here. We just have to make it easier for the mainstream to get on board.
Meanwhile, I'm reading that we will have a natural gas shortage by December (with rates going way up). I am happy to be all electric and feel safer without natural gas lines in my home. I should send you notes more often. Every time I get my PGE bill, every time I check the readings on my panel, every time I feel the sunshine's warmth, I think of you and the great job you did.
I didn't know it at the time but what you gave me was more than a great job, it was truly a gift that continues to influence me, my family, my neighbors and my community.
Best Regards,

Dundee OR 97115