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Providing Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water and Solar Pool Installation,
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Solar Hot WaterSolar Hot Water
Solar hot water heating is the most common and popular way to use solar energy. You can reduce the amount of energy you use to heat hot water by 60% by installing these solar systems ... more

Solar PhotovoltaicsSolar Electric / Photovoltaics
Solar electric, what’s now called photovoltaics, is probably the most romantic and coveted way of using solar energy. With these systems you can actually slow how fast your electric meter spins or even spin it backwards ... more

Solar Pool HeatingSolar Pool Heating
Using solar energy to heat your swimming pool is the very best energy saving way of using solar here in the Great Northwest. You can heat your pool to 80+ degrees from May through September for FREE ... more

Solar Cost and IncentivesSolar Costs and Incentives
The economic incentives in Oregon to encourage folks to install solar systems are the very best in the entire United States of America. No, you don’t need an optometrist. Oregon has better State income tax credits and cash rebates than any other state in the Union ... more